Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beauty Raves & Saves!

I am such a frugalista! I dont get too deep into it with making it a full time job but I do love a bargain. It’s about being smart with where you shop and hanging on to that paper! I really will never understand paying full price for something when you can get it for less. What does it matter? When my pockets is fatter…..*ok let me freestyle… ya, that’s all I got* I’m actually proud that I’ve never been hung up on name brands. All that to say, this section I will be telling you my steals & deals. Products I’ve purchased for less & where.

Coastal Scents

Whether you are a beginner or building up your make-up kit you don't always have to get the latest expensive products. There's a way to build for less. I recommend using Coastal Scents.I got this set from CS for about $50 *free shipping*. The 22 Piece Brush Set is awesome!! The brushes are beautiful. It comes with every brush that you'll need to create amazing looks!! It's perfect for traveling. The face brushes come with a brush guard to keep their shape. The Essential Dream set includes a 5 pc brush set, a lightweight, creamy primer w/ a hint of sheen.The Creative Me #2 Palette, a collection of 12 eye-defining shadow options. Reach Mascara & a bottle of Pristine Cleansing Blend. This is clearly a beauty save! 
This isn't my first purchase from CS. I own the Camouflage palette, the 88 Original palette & Ultra Shimmer palette. I don't know what I would do without these palettes. I use them everyday. I eventually want to own all the sets.Great quality products for less than half the price of high end brands. What I love most is there is always a sale, especially around a holiday which is when I would order something. 

 Check the site out for all kinds of beauty needs!

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