Sunday, May 27, 2012

Von Marie's

For my first posting ever I will dedicate it to my mother. What perfect timing! 
*this was previously posted on Mother's Day ☺*

Von Marie's makes her own natural skin & bath care products. I have been raving about my mother's hand mixed Scrumptious all natural sugar face & body scrub for a while now. I will take the scrub in the shower with me & come out silky. As for my face,due to my combination skin its hard to stick with one product. I have flaky, dry skin sometimes oily. Although this contains a variety of oils, you would think I it wouldn't work for me. But it does! The scrub takes care of the embarrassing flaky skin & the oil smooths it out. No need for any other product after it. On top of that I smell, well.. brown sugar scrumptious!

When I don't have time to scrub I'll use the Shea & Emu oil butter. I don't need much at all. It's the right consistency of thickness to keep the dry & peeling at bay instantly. I put this on my T-zone which is my most problem area and moisturize the rest of my face with L'Oreal Hydra-Renewal cream. Works for the whole day. There's another face butter I have yet to try. It's the same ingredients but including tea tree oil with will clear out any bacteria on the face.

She also sent me a couple all natural lip butters. I will be passing a few out to some lucky blog winners ( ok .. really, they're just friends lol) to try out. I, of course already have and of course I love it. The lip butter goes on clear for now. I would definitely recommend these to come in tasteful flavors and color. Right now, these are samples so no additives yet. They feel so moisturizing, I put this on over my favorite lipstick, no need for extra gloss because it already leaves a nice shine.

That's all I have time to rave on for now on that. This is my first review, first blog, first posting ever so please take it easy on me lol! This will be a surprise to my mom since I haven't spoken to her yet (her fault, she hasn't called me back smh!).

Mom, I love you more than anything! Thank you for everything have done,you are & will be. YOU make me proud!!

Von Marie's Brown Sugar Scrumptious Scrub,Lip Butters & Face Butters

Love Makeup! Love my Mom!



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