Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gimme Sum Suga!

So as I was going round passing out Von Marie's lip butter samples, my friend,Patrice (aka Danja) was setting up her own hand & foot scrub samples. I love that my friends and family are so talented! Well, mainly cz I get first dibs,ha!

It came in the cutest lil container, just enough for a week's worth of use. Which is perfect for testing out. Then i noticed the scent, I got the mango flavor - aaaaahhhhh-mazing! I almost ate it... o_O ... no judgement.
Now, let me start off by confessing my heels aren't the smoothest, yet not kick rocks in open toe sandals hard either lol. Even after a pedi sesh I still feel like I need to get myself a Ped-Egg but I digress, I may not need one now since this scrub really got in there & tackled the hard spot. Ok, I know, gross, but seriously,great stuff! So the next time I used it the roughness was virtually gone! I think my bew would be willing to touch my feet again. Danja, I think you got my groove back! haha! My cousin got a sample as well in the Spice scent. Didn't get her review yet but she absolutely loves the smell of it. Danja's Instagram photos have a collage of notes of her customers raving about her scrubs wanting more, more, more!

Gimme Sum Suga scrubs come in various container sizes & scents..or should I say flavors if I end up eating it?lol. Flavors such as, Mango Butter, Lavender, Lemongrass, Spice and many more... I believe you can also request a scent! How great is that?! Prices vary from $5-$15. You may contact Patrice for her fabulous scrubs at subject line: Gimme My Suga!
Happy scrubbing!


Gimme Sum Suga!


  1. I'll have to hit her up for some to give away as gifts...


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